FREE 8-Point Checklist & Legal 2nd Suites - A Beginner's Guide 

In the 8-Point Checklist, we cover:

  • Important By-Law Requirements
  • Building Code Compliance Items
  • Design and Function Considerations

 In the Beginner's Guide, we cover:

  • Who can benefit financially
  • How you can take advantage of ongoing trends
  • How to make 2nd suites legal
  • Dozens of valuable resources you can use


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What people are saying:

"Great checklist on legal second suites from Suite Additions. It covers city by-laws requirements, on building code and other considerations."

Michal Wach - Real Estate Entrepreneur

"His knowledge and expertise in adding a legal secondary suite is second to none. We will be definitely using Suite Additions on our next project!"

Blaine Shular - Realtor and Project Manager