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Take part in our Second Suites Profit Formula Master Class to gain the skills you need to take advantage of an incredible opportunity in real estate.

Learn how to create better homes and generate lasting wealth using Second Suites. Start by downloading our 8-point checklist below.



We will teach you the most common methods investors are using to finance their second suite conversion project.


Finding the right house to do a conversion project is critical. We can show you how to find the perfect home.


We can show you how to design and renovate correctly to ensure the best outcome for your second suite, which is the most important part of the process. 


Filling a 2 unit property is very different from a single family home. Let us show you the details for timing, usage of space and exterior amenity areas.

Second Suites Profit Formula Master Class

Price Now Only $997! (with over $700 in Bonus content)

Learn the entire strategy of second suite investing. From purchasing to renovating to renting. We take you through step-by-step to maximize your investment, saving you thousands of dollars, and enabling you to repeat the process over and over. 


Second Suites Professionals Training - Coming Fall 2020

Earn 6 figures or more as a Second Suites Professional!

This comprehensive in class training is designed to take your professional career to the next level. You will learn the entire business of second suites and other housing intensification methods. Use these strategies to set yourself apart in your career as a consultant, architect/designer, realtor or contractor. By completing this training, you will also be eligible to become an affiliate of Suite Additions, and obtain qualified leads through our sophisticated marketing and educational initiatives.

More info coming soon!

Download our 8-Point Checklist

We cover:

To Determine if Property Is Ideal For A Second Suite Conversion

  • Important By-Law Requirements
  • Building Code Compliance Items
  • Design and Function Considerations

Download our 8-point checklist

To Determine If Property Is Ideal For Second Suite Conversion

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